True Blood: Club Dead
A True Blood based roleplay room on Sanguinem Draconis Chat

Player Character Database

This is a database of player characters in alphabetical order by first name created for the room.  Each character can have it’s own page if so desired.  To submit your character to add to the list, please contact Rosea either in room or via e-mail at   Profiles can contain as much or as little information as you want.

  • Angela Castille
  • Aresia Deveraux
  • Beatrice Beauchamp
  • Cassandre Minogue
  • Emerald Pitre
  • Evangeline Vincent
  • Eve Beaudreaux
  • Jane Stewart
  • Kiera Savoie
  • Leigh Ann Leroux
  • Maeve O’Connor
  • Maio Jeansonne
  • Misty Bellafontaine